ユーザー登録: 2016年8月

I have traveled around Europe and am looking forward to seeing Japan soon! My favorite things to do when I travel are explore neighborhoods, shop for trinkets, and learn about the local history and culture. I genuinely love to experience things like the local transportation, and just people out on their everyday business.

Food is such a big part of any culture, so of course I want to try local specialties as much as possible.

I speak English, a little Spanish, and very little Japanese, French, German and Italian. But I love to meet local people even if we don't have much to say!

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  • Haruko

    CJ and her friends, Nicole and Sarah, were so friendly, intelligent and full of curiosity, that the conversation with them over the lunch was very lively and inspiring. I also felt very relaxed, as if we were long-time friends talking in a living room of a shared house in Seattle:) We talked about a wide range of topics, such as differences in food culture between the U.S. and Japan, difficulties & fun in language learning, and rather serious feminist issues as well. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you very much for coming and sharing such a wonderful time, CJ, Nicole, and Sarah. I hope to see you again because I think we have a lot more to talk about!