ユーザー登録: 2014年6月

I am an American food writer, cookbook author, cooking instructor, food stylist and blogger living in Tokyo. I find joy in sharing things that I make with others (especially food), and I love to cook comforting, nourishing food made with seasonal ingredients.

Venezuelan arepas are my most popular meal. Read more about them here and watch a video (in Japanese):


I speak: SOME Japanese, French and Italian. Fluent English. My husband speaks fluent Spanish and more Japanese than I; he will be present for some meals.

We live: in a Western-style apartment in central Tokyo, easily accessible by the convenient train system (Yamanote Line).

I accept reservations for up to 7 people, Monday-Friday for lunch or dinner.

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  • Akiko

    Alyssa is a wonderful,respectable person. She is a talented chef,and gives us a good time. Everything was just delicious!
    We really had a wonderful time :)


    Thank you so much Alyssa!!


  • Tatsuhiro

    You can taste and enjoy making and eating Venezuelan meals and drinks and dessert with professional COOK Alyssa! She is really into cooking and she even holds her Cooking class. She is not just good at cooking meals, we had 10 Hikers but we all enjoyed the mealtime with her. She is so prepared for the event that she even prepared hand-made Tablecloth!
    As for Arepas, there are several ingredients you can put. You can choose your favorite toppings. You can make your own and the taste is up to you!
    The room was located near Meguro River and we enjoyed cherry blossom later as wellJ
    Thank you for having us Alyssa!


  • Sayuri

    Thanks for wonderful time!
    Im so impressed about hand-made cooking,up to juice,dressing!
    Arepas is also tasty:)
    and, Alyssa and his friends,family are heart-warming and friendly.
    We are nervous a little,but everyone is so kind.
    I wanna visit and eat her meal again!!Thank you very much.


  • KitchHike User

    Alyssa, her husband and their friends (& Cute baby) came to Yucafe. I cooked and served the traditional Japanese home meals (MEAT) dishes with using seasonal ingredients. They are all really polite, friendly and considerate. They ate all of the dishes I cooked!! I was so happy to chat with them and talked about Japanese food and culture! Thank you for coming to Yucafe, Alyssa!! Hoping to see you again soon! :-D


  • Satsuki

    We visited Alyssa home, with " 5 mamas & 5 babies" group...that was wonderful and so happy time for us.
    In japan, it is very difficult to go a nice restaurant with babies.So, in her home, eating hot and tasty Venezuelan Arepas, we were deeply touched by Alyssa's kindness(and Kich Hike).
    Her husband made our Arepas, too, and, entertained our little ones, with DVD and so many Jokes!
    Now, every mama wants to repeat going her home.

    I recommend to mamas having babies Alyssa's KitchHike.

    And,one more, Alyssa and her husband's communication, like sometimes wink, saying "sweet honey" to each other, was very touched too.


  • Yuki

    As there is no good Venezuelan restaurant in Tokyo (as far as I know), this is the very right place to have authentic arepas in the city. The COOK, Alyssa & her husband (+ his colleague) welcomed 7 of us with friendly smile, and we felt like being invited to our friends' home. I would like to visit Alyssa's place again as she is a good cook and her Italian menu looks great as well. I was also impressed by her table setting.


  • Oda Hiroko

    Alyssa and her husband, and family invited us warmly.
    They are very gentle and warm heart person.
    And cooking is great!
    Especially Arepas are my favorite.
    It looks like donuts,cute design. Cut open and put cheese, chicken,avocado and so on.
    It's like "temaki-zushi",happy dish!
    I would like to visit again♡


  • Natsumi



  • Shoken

    Thank you so much for wonderful lunch.
    I really love her cooking and have visited several times when I would like to eat Venezuelan food.
    Alyssa is friendly and smile always, the sparkling guava juice is great and the food is really tasty. For we can eat something while she is cooking, she made delicious muffins before we arrived. Arepas is a good food for eating with more than one person. We realy enjoyed Venezuelan cooking with Alyssa.
    Thoroughly recommend you visit Tokyo.

    Thank you Alyssa!


  • Yutaka

    Alyssa is so heart-warming woman and very good at Cooking! Because of no Venezuelan restaurant in Tokyo, It's my first time to try Venezuelan Alepas and it's wonderfully delicious! If you haven't tried this one yet, should go now and enjoy it.
    Big thanks to Alyssa!


  • Ryoko

    Alyssa is the warm person that a smile is wonderful!!Venezuelan dish of the first experience was very delicious.It is the dish which matches a Japanese.
    I ate happily☆
    I want to eat together once again.

    Thank you Alyssa:)