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I am from India and have been living in Japan for the past 8+ years. I love eating good food and try to form my own recipes depending on the ingredients I am craving. Its feedback from friends and family that has encouraged me to take cooking to the next level. I believe the best compliments are the ones that others give you without asking for it!! So Id rather have you come over and try my food :) All my cooking is "Additives free". I only use high quality ingredients, fresh herbs and natural spices. No artificial flavors, colors or ready-made sauces are ever used in my dishes. No preservatives for added flavors. Everything is made at home using premium products. So if quality and originality matter to you - you're in the right hands!

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  • Mutsuki



    Thanks geeta! We really had trimendous fun!!! Nice meals, fun talks, a entertaing kid! It must be last supper for us. We wish to have great time someday!


  • ayumi

    Geeta San! Thank you for making dinner!! I was really enjoy having your dishes and meeting your family!!
    Every her dishes are so good! I especially like an beans appetizer! I want to try to make it.
    I recommend you visiting her place! You will have a wonderful experience like me!


  • Nao

    We really enjoyed authentic Indian dishes and had a good time with Geeta and her family!! They are someone we feel very comfortable with and Indian music and nice view we got there made us relax. Every dishes she cooked were very tasty and fantastic flavor. We're very satisfied. We strongly recommend you to try her Indian dishes. It would be good to go hungry because we are happy to say she served us much!:)


  • あかね




  • KitchHike User

    Geeta prepared finely made and various Indian food and later, explained each recipe politely. A lot of spices. Dish was impressed with gusto like a professional! She introduced a traditional sweet from north-India as “ Jalebi” as well as a dish this time. The personality of Geeta is charming and is anxious ,and I think her OMOTENASHI is special. Her son was pretty and was a fun dining table, too! The tool she uses and the cutlery as well as the ingredient were also interesting. I'd like to recommend everyone her Kitch-hike!Surely, everyone should be Happy!


  • Yoshiya






    Thank you again Geeta!


  • KitchHike User

    Thank you for good fun lunch time.:)
    I had a wonderful lunch at her house where is very nice view.
    I love her Indian dishes, it is very tasty, sophisticated and warmhearted Indian cuisine.

    She made preparation of all for cooking before I visit there.
    And she told me about variety of spices and vegetables, and I could see she was cooking in the kitchen.
    It was very fun for me.

    I didn't know that Okra is use after dried in India, that is very surprise for me:)
    I could know new things and I could feel nice tasty food.

    I have very grateful to her and family who is very kindly, friendly.
    That time makes me happy.

    Thank you again Geeta and family.



  • Nicolas

    Great food, I especially loved the paneer (tastes like a kind of cheese) and desert. I was a bit afraid it might be too spicy for me, but it was just fine! I guess you can tell your spiciness preferences.
    I got to experience a few steps of the cooking process, even though all of the laborious cutting/etc had been prepared before, apparently she had been preparing since very early in the morning!
    I often eat Indian food in Japanese restaurants, but only here did I recognize some of the tastes that I had experienced in Delhi.

    - Nice view on Tokyo harbour from the dining room.
    - Friendly family.
    - River and bridge nearby, can make a pleasant walk in this residential area.


  • Tatsuhiro

    I greatly enjoyed Geeta's "Full-course" real indian dishes. Our stereotype of Indian food is all about Nan dipping in a cup of curry. I got to know actually those are not exactly true. As indian culture is full of diversity, so is the Indian meals. You'll be surprised at so many spices in her Kitchen and her story about Indian cuisines.
    Personally I really liked the dessert made from carrots. Her hometown Agra has various sweet stuffs, and you'll love them if you're a big fan of sweets:)

    At the same time, you'll be amazed at the awesome view from her room at Tower building facing the sea. And every small pieces of accessories makes the room pretty and relaxing.

    Thanks again for having us!


  • Yutaka

    Thank you Geeta for cooking delicious Indian cuisine today! There are lots of north Indian food I've never experienced in Indian restaurant in Japan. She is so good at cooking their mother food and bright woman so that if you wanna know more about India, why don't you come there. Thanks Geeta! see you again next!