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ユーザー登録: 2015年3月

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Hello from Japan! Enjoy Japanese dining.

Hi there! I’m Kazu. I’m at thirties and living in near Asakusa. I went to college in Salt Lake city, so enthused to speak with you in English.

I’m into arts and cooking. I do love to enjoy fulfilled life with various arts. I’d be glad if we could share what we can’t describe with any words through arts and cooking.

I’m a licensed cook and have worked as chef at Japanese style restaurant. So I’m confident at cooking and concierge for serving. I’m pretty much into wine tasting (specially red wine) and I have a small wine cellar. I can prepare wine which is suitable for Japanese cuisines, so let’s chill up!

See you then!

I hope you enjoy Asakusa atmosphere where local people are charming and cheerful. I can pick you up at Asakusa station or Kaminari mon Gate at Sensoji temple. We can go to local grocery together to prepare.
I’m looking forward to seeing you!


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    I had soo much fun yesterday doing a KitchHike with my friend Yumi. Our host, Kazu, went above and beyond in preparing a delectable and scrumptious multi-course Japanese dinner for us. The otoushi consisted of sea-eel and cucumber, was very fresh and great, and his appetizer, which consisted of homemade cured ham, sake-flavored cream cheese, soft roe, oyster, and anglefish liver was delectible. In all the foods we ate, I could sense Kazu's hard work-effort in the dishes he served. He prepared a wonderful plate of freshly-caught sashimi for us, the best sashimi I have eaten in Japan, as well as some wonderful hashi-yasume, which is simmered eggplant. Also, he made an excellent waggyu tataki salad. For the main course, Kazu prepared a wonderful Salmon and Chicken in Sake-kasu, and homemade sastuma-age. I never had eaten sake-chicken until yesterday, and now I am hooked. Kazu made a wonderful apple pie for dessert, along with some delicious home-made matcha pudding.

    Aside from how delicious the food was, Kazu also had a very nice setting for the meal. His home was so nicely decorated and comfortable, the lighting was perfect, and he had wonderful music playing during the meal. Kazu himself is such a kind and great person, and we had lovely chats together about Japanese life. This is my first time coming to a Japanese person's home for a meal, and the experience was unforgettable. I am so grateful for yesterday's meal, and I cannot wait to do KitchHike again!


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    I and my American friend visited him for dinner. It was held in Asakusa area, where foreign travelers definitely should put in their bucket list to visit. He is working for a Japanese restaurant for many years that HIKER can enjoy both Japanese local home experience and high quality of Japanese food. All HIKERs will be amazed by his hospitality also.
    He is really good at coordinating the food and Sake (alcohol) that those who want to try / enjoy the harmony of them, definitely should visit him. Highly recommended!!


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    I would like to eat Japanese food because I'm Japanese ! So I chose Kaz san's cooking. Not only delicious foods, his hospitality was warm. I was full both of my stomach and heart. And enjoyed the meal and time very much. It's worthwhile to try his Kitch Hike!


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    Kitchhike with kaz is one of my favorite memories from my travels in Japan. My friends and I met kaz by the train station and then he walked us by all the different vendors around asakusa temple before walking to his apartment to eat. And boy did we eat!! It was like the food was never ending and it was all delicious. And the wine that kaz chose for the meal was the perfect accompaniment. It was course after course (with generous portions so come hungry;). I would recommend kaz to anyone in the Tokyo area that's looking for a great homemade Japanese food experience (and it doesn't hurt that kaz is a trained chef). And no matter what menu you pick ask for the fried chicken you won't be disappointed 😉


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    Of the hundreds of meals we have had in Japan, the dinner that Kazu-san prepared for us has to rate as the BEST. Every dish was very delicious, beautifully displayed (piece of artwork!), and prepared with an enormous amount of care and love. Kazu-san loves to cook and it shows. Not only is he an amazing chef, but also a great host. He is very generous with his time and sharing his knowledge of cooking and Japanese culture. He's also very funny. Thank you very much, Kazu-san for helping to make my nephew's graduation celebration an evening he/we will always remember. Super delicious food, great conversation, and so much fun. Best wishes always!


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    We had a lovely evening with Kaz. The food was delicious, beautifully arranged and very tasteful. Kaz is totally nice and helpful, we learned a lot about japanese cooking and local habits. Kitchhike is a great idea, we recommend it completely. Thank you very much, Kaz. Anke and Franz from Switzerland


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    I had a great time with Kazuyuki. He's an excellent chef and host. All the dishes he prepared were easily something you'd find at a 5-star restaurant, and he paired them with excellent wine as well. I also got to meet his delightful mother, and together we 3 had great conversations. I'm very pleased with how everything turned out, and I hope I can eat with Kaz again someday!


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    Ka Kai

    A great in-house dining experience! Food is great. Chef Kazu-San is super nice! Totally can feel his passion about cooking and meeting people. Would definitely suggest my fds to try.
    One more, thanks for the little surprise for our 1st anniversary.


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    Kaz made a variety of very delicious Japanese dishes for us. He had most dishes prepared but left a few for us to help him with, which was perfect. We also went food shopping with him at the supermarket for a few items and he helped us with a few questions we had. We have been living in Japan for 10 months now and we wish we would have done this sooner. It was a great way to experience local home cooking and some great tips.


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    Having Kaz share his culinary knowledge with us was one of the highlights of our Tokyo trip! That night of Kitchhike, we hopped in and out of our seat, eating and helping out with the next course on the menu which Kaz has thoughtfully prepared featuring seasonal ingredients. We shared great wine, delicious food, interesting stories- I absolutely recommend KitchHike as an authentic way to experience the place and Kaz in particular for Tokyo.


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    Absolutely a 5* experience. Highly recommended if you are in Tokyo and a first time tourist in Japan. Chef Kazuyuki-san was very gracious to give us a short sightseeing tour of Sensoji Shrine as we head down to his apartmentand showed us the best spot to take a good picture of the Tokyo Skytree. When you get to his apartment you will be greeted by an art board made of magnets that his artist mom prepares. And the food, the Japanese tapas that he meticulously prepared and served were just absolutely delicious. Worth every penny you pay. He cooks food that are in the season with a chef Kaz spin/touch on every dish. As we went through every dish,chef Kaz explained the ingredients and process so in a way you have a little understanding of japanese cuisine. And since it was my birthday, he made a couple of extra dishes that weren't on the menu and made the dessert extra special. All in all it was a lovely evening, a highly recommended experience.


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    What I can say first from eat with Kazu-san as my chef is fabolous! Nice ambiance in his apartement, nice food and good chit chat.
    He is very friendly and fun guy and me and my friend learn a lot of good tipsbfor cooking and how to preserve food better from him. He is so generous telling us his chef tricks. Doubt no more if you stay near asakusa, do contact him for your food in KitchHike


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    I had dinner at Kaz-san's humble apartment on 4th October 2015. It was easily one of the best meals I had during my trip to Japan. The food quality, variety, and quantity was amazing (can I have some more of that delicious beef tataki salad and simmered eggplant please?) He infuses various flavours to come up with a whole new concoction that you probably never have tried before.

    Kaz-san was a great host, shared plenty of cooking tips and good food around the Asakusa area. I'll highly recommend this to anyone making a trip down to Tokyo!


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    Outsatinding! Dinner with Kaz was great. He was really pro at cooking and, at the same time, he was really friendly and taught us a lot about japanese cousine. Enjoyable and totally reccomendanble: a must do if you want to try authentic and really good japanese food.


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    Kaz is a wonderful host and he is an amazing cook. The dinner was really delicous and we had a lot of fun. And thank you Kaz for the karaoke. It was a nice evening !


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    Kaz-San was very generous in the serving. The food was simply great and we enjoyed our night not just with him and his Okasan as well.


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    「キッチン ハイク」のサイトで色々お料理を見ていたら・・。

    「なんだか、本格的で食べてみたいなぁ。」と思い、予約して カズさんのお宅にお邪魔しました。


    なんだか、オシャレだなぁ・・。と思い近づいてみると。 私の名前が書いてありました。
    異国からいらっしゃった方なら、さらに うれしさ倍増だと思います。


    カズさんと一緒に料理をしました。 難しい下準備は、事前にカズさんがやってくださっていたので。

    カズさんは、料理の知識が豊富なので どんな質問にも真面目に丁寧に答えて下さいます!!
    また、海外にいらっしゃったので 英語もばっちりです!!
    ですので、外国のゲストの方はもちろん。 最近英語話していないなぁ・・という日本の方にもぜひオススメです☆

    また食事をするときには、ステキなお母様もいらして 会話を楽しむことができました。

    ぜひ、他の皆さまも 美味しいお料理と素敵時間を過ごして下さいね(^^)/


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    The evening dinner was prepared with appreciation from Kaz and pretty designs from Kaz mom. The food is nice and Kaz has prepared a nice dinning partner for me to enjoy the dinner. Thank you Kaz for this nice thought and thank you Sensei sama for being so freindly. I certainly felt like going for dinner by invitation from a friend. Kaz likes to experience with different types of ingredients and make customisation to individuals likings. Great dinner!


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    Our experience with Kaz was wonderful! He rearranged his menu based on our dietary needs, and everything was absolutely delicious. Kaz himself is also very friendly and personable, as well as extremely generous.. Overall, definitely an experience I would recommend.


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    Lovely dinner and nice host. I really enjoyed the great food.


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    Dear Kaz-san,
    thank you so much for this fantastic meal - Theki and I are still dreaming about it! We will never forget the evening at your place, the hospitality and the fantastic food!
    I will email the pictures later :)

    @those interested in booking:
    DO. IT. Kaz is a fantastic cook and a perfect host. He picked us up at a location easy to find (the Kamanarimon Gate in Asakusa), took us to his place (a beautiful appartment) and cooked for us for almost four hours - paying attention to every tiny detail imaginable. At the same time, he was very entertaining and extremely friendly.

    I believe this has been one of our best food experiences so far - the quality, the taste, everything was better than superb!


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    Kazuyuki was a fantastic host! My brother and I were travelling through Japan for 7 days and our night with Kaz was the best! He met us near our hostel and we took the bus back to his place, he gave us a little tour and told us about his neighbourhood. Very cool and laid back when we got to his apartment, the food was amazing, everything we ate was different and had its own unique flavours. Just what we were after when we thought about Kaz and his Japanese Tapas! He planned around 10 different courses each with their own personal touch and well thought out, we got a few surprise courses and treats! Very comfortable and gracious host. I can't recommend Kaz enough! He's amazing!


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    We had a wonderful night with Kaz. Great company and hospitality. His food was divine and so much! Kaz made us very welcome and it was very special to be looked after in a Japanese house.


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    At first we are went to the grocery and he explained us some typtical groceries in a japanese kitchen.
    Then he gives us a very good introduction in good japanese food. All of them was very tasty.
    As example is the part we had with spinach. I don't like spinach in germany, but the way how Kazuyuki prepare it was so delicious.
    We enjoyed the whole evening with really good food.

    Thank you very much.


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    We had a great time with great meals and wine.
    I couldn't expected that we can have such a great food in ordinary home.
    All of His dishes are beautiful and tasty, he is definitely a professional cooker.
    Highly recommend to anyone who likes wine.

    Please forgive me for staying so long..., It was very comfortable !!
    I promise we will visit again.


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    Super!!!! Kazuyuki is a great COOK! He is one of the best COOKs in KitchHike definitely! His all meals was perfect to feel Real Japan. He served Japanese Appetizer first, home made ham, seasonal vegetable with sesame and a kind of root. They were quite delicate and beautiful dishes. the Second, radish boiled softly with Yuzu sauce and egg plant tapas were also so beautiful! It's like a kind of art works. The main dishes were salty fried chicken 'Karaage ' and Saba-sushi!!! These were also perfect! I felt his kindness and love for meals from all of dishes. Finally he provided an dessert and wine he love.
    It was quite special experience to feel Japan and warmness of him. Wanna him again soon, I recommend him definitely! Thanks Kazu!!!